Object and Purpose


The movement is created with the purpose of developing relations between civil society institutions of the countries of the world aimed at strengthening friendship and promoting dialogue between States, the preservation and strengthening in society of traditional values and gender roles, the institution of the family, respect for religious beliefs, revival of national traditions and spiritual heritage. The movement aims at the implementation and support of socially significant projects in the cultural, social, educational and environmental sphere.

The movement will also contribute to:
  • a culture of consumption based on the concept of self-restraint;
  • the resolution of international conflicts from the standpoint of spiritual diplomacy;
  • the formation of information culture of a person;
  • development of culture of production and consumption of environmentally friendly products;
Based on the goals set up activities of the Movement are:
  • the creation of a supranational communication platform for dialogue of the international community;
  • creation of intellectual and methodological center of civil society formation;
  • realization of functions of public control;
  • implementation of operational responses to events in the world;
  • objective and unbiased coverage of world events without the prisms of political interests, the development of a common scale of evaluation instead of double standards practice;
  • interaction with public authorities and cultural, educational, scientific, and educational organizations, individuals and legal entities on matters relating to the objectives of the Movement activities;
  • organization of presentations and meetings with international public
  • officials, scientists, representatives of the education sector, artists, experts, public figures;
  • development of public relations in foreign countries, exchange of experience in science, education, culture, ecology and other spheres;
  • holding forums, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and expositions;
  • the organization of festivals, shows, concerts, exhibitions, creative meetings and other cultural events;
  • organization and production of television programs, video production and radio programs on issues related to the goals and objectives of the Movement, the implementation of television broadcasting and radio broadcasting;
  • the establishment and awarding of the prizes and awards physical and legal
    persons, regardless of citizenship and country of incorporation;
  • the revival of national and cultural traditions of the peoples of the world;
  • creation of documentaries, movies and information movies, Patriotic and other subjects;
  • work with the media (including the Internet) for the objective reflection of the historical and contemporary world events;
  • auctions, lotteries, mass actions;
  • issuing of TV film production;
  • donations of physical persons and legal entities related to the goals and objectives of the Movement;
  • establishment and granting of scholarships to students of the Movement of educational institutions