Members BT

Ivane Buchukuri (Georgia)

The Initiator and the Chairman of the Society of Slavic-Georgian culture and friendship, a co-chairman of the public movements of veterans and patriots of Georgia. Ivane took part in the liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, participated in the military actions for the protection of Georgia from the armed gangs; he also had a lot of combat flights. He served in various senior positions in the Georgian Armed Forces, taught at the Tbilisi Technical University and the University of Aviation.


Miroljub Nataliya (Ukraine)

The President of the International Charity Fund “Miroljub”. Natalia Miroljub is the founder and the leader of many Ukrainian movements, which keep the path to peace and friendship between Russia, Ukraine and other Slavic peoples. During the period of 2005-2014 – the leader of the political party “Fair Ukraine”. Now – the leader of the movement Block of social justice and “We are the people of Ukraine.”


In the work of the Board of Trustees are also involved:

Bakhytbek Bayseitov (Kazakhstan) – President of Financial and banking Association of countries – participants of Shanghai cooperation, the President of the Association of banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the President of the Bank CenterCredit.

Gheorghe Duca (Moldova) – world-renowned scientist, academician, President of Academy of Sciences of Moldova, laureate of the State prizes of the Republic, the International award “Socrates”, Oxford, UK, National award GALEX “Best founder of the library”, knight of the order “Cross of commander of the order”(Poland), the Order “Labor glory” Order of the Republic (Moldova), a Gold medal for outstanding achievements and progress in science. Brussels, Belgium.

Wang Hexiang (China) – Vise-chairman of the World Merchants Union Promotion Association uniting more than 5 million companies from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

Julia Grebenyuk (Czech Republic) – graduated from the Czech agricultural University, faculty of Economics and management. Deputy Chairman of the Czech-Azerbaijani chamber of Commerce

Mr. Vehalla Kankanamge Indika Jamindra (Republic of Sri Lanka) – the Member of Parliament of Sri Lanka from the Hambantota district, Chairman of Committee on development of southern Sri Lanka.

Ilija Kazic (Montenegro-Serbia) – Consultancy in investment projects in Serbia and Montenegro, Co-operative project with Finmeccanica Group (Italy), Member of the WBC Boxing Federation of Montenegro. Participation in national projects in the field of culture (historical fiction). Work in the field of cultural rapprochement between Montenegro and the countries of Eastern Europe (art exhibitions).

Renato Krajnc (Slovenia) – In the past -Chief of Cabinet of the Minister of the Interior, Director of the Office for Immigration and Refugees Government of Yugoslavia, President and CEO, SIJAJ Hrastnik (Slovenia). Owner and Counselor of the L in L d.o.o.. (Ljubljana, Slovenia).

Ismail Lepiev (Turkey – Russia) – the owner of the airline “Metrojet” (Russia), tour operator Russia, Estonia, Latvia. The owner of a popular Russian tourist Internet-portal, network; 4* and 5*hotels in Turkey and the Czech Republic, transport companies, shipyards, the largest fitness club and the agricultural holding (Turkey). There are more than 10,000 people employ In holding “PRINCE GROUP”.

Sadiq Mahfouzi (Iran) – son of one of the maraji. Chairman of the Editorial Board of the journal Psychology Today. Member of the Council of public culture in the country, Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Federation of sports medicine sports medicine hydat Tehran province. The Secretary-General of the Islamic society of researchers (social scientific and cultural organisation). Chairman of the great encyclopedia of anthropology approved by UNESCO. Founder of library and Museum online and with over 100 thousand of the effect of a museum related to the works of Iranian art and cultural and scientific rationale and Responsible for the social and Economic Sciences Research Institute. The granting of a special show in 2006 UNESCO Ah to them due to the cultural and scientific services.

Jabrail Nagiyev (Hungary) – has worked in senior and Executive positions in law enforcement bodies of Azerbaijan, head of the main Department of the customs service of Azerbaijan. Since 1995 lives and works in Hungary. Founder, owner and CEO of Oasis Hungray Kft (Hungary).

Dzenita Oezguener (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – In the past – personal assistant to the Ambassador of Montenegro to the Republic of Turkey, now- Bosnia and Herzegovina – Azerbaijan Friendship Association President.

Egen Marius Opran (Belgium) – Principal Scientific Advisor to the president of Romanian Space Agency (ROSA), management of scientific cooperation activities between ROSA, ESA, NASA. In the past – member (counsellor) of the European Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC), Member of ECOSOC Executive Bureau.

Zhyldyz Oskonbaeva (Kyrgyz Republic) — In the past – Advisor of the external relations Department of the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyz Republic. Following her mandate, she served as an academic researcher in support of law enforcement at the Center for Technology, Security, and Policy at Virginia Tech, National Capital Region, United States. Through her efforts law and customs enforcement cooperation extended across numerous countries and organizations worldwide, especially in areas related to narcotics, weapons, nuclear proliferation and money laundering. Madame Oskonbaeva received her Master’s Degree in Social Anthropology at Bishkek Humanities University. She speaks a total of 10 languages.

Rovshan Pashayev (Russia – Azerbaijan) – Honorary member of the International Fund for cooperation and partnership of the Black sea and the Caspian Sea, a well-known entrepreneur, investor, developer, the President of group of companies “Alliance”.
Ray Monde (Raymonde Phillips) (Luxemburg) – Artist , Photographer, Performer, Writer. Worked as a graphic designer and photographer in the French Newspapers, such as Vogue, “Le Nouvel Observateur the” architectural journal Crée. Author of numerous projects and exhibitions in many countries around the world, including the world project “Caress the World”

Lydia Romanciuk (Moldova) — Executive Director of the Association for research and development, Director of the Center for international projects Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Vice-President of BSCSIF.

Sashko Staninov (Macedonia) – President of the Association of Industrialists, Businessmen and Entrepreneurs of Republic of Macedonia, Deputy Chairman of the EIED – International Commercial Council European Institute for Economic Development (EIED) Vienna (Austria), Visiting Professor for Tax Law International Slavonic University “Gavrila Romanovich Derzhavin” St. Nikole (Macedonia), Member of the Council and Vice President International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (ICIE) Moscow (Russia).

Zarko Taric (South Africa – Serbia) – Chairman of Makhaya Art and Cultural Development – a Section 21 non-profit organisation promoting African arts and culture in Eastern Europe o Initiated Africa Village, promotional event launched in Sept 2008 in Belgrade (attended by 65 South Africans) and to run in 3 Eastern European cities per year. CEO of Minatar pty ltd with offices in Belgrade, South Africa and Cyprus (Investment projects,trade)Mr. Taric has had various articles and achievements in human rights published in international journals and magazines, such as Spigel (Germany), Time Magazine and Politika (Serbia).

And also:

Bahadir Aksoy (Albania)– President of the Aksoy group; Vitaly Buzdugan (Belarus)- Member of the Board of Directors, Director of the BSCSIF Branch in the Republic of Belarus; Alexander Zaytsev (Belarus)- In the past – Governmental Counsel advising on a wide variety of matters including facilitation of policy development relating to local government reforms; Roger Widmer (Switzerland).