Co-Chairs BT

Chingiz Abdullayev Akifovich

Soviet and Azerbaijani writer. Doctor of Juridical Science Laureate of Tudor Arghezi prize. Chevalier of the Order of Lenin, the Red Banner and the Red Star. Chevalier of the Order “Glory” of Azerbaijan. Member of the UNESCO’s Commission under the President of Azerbaijan. Member of the Coordinating Council of Azerbaijanis of the world. Winner of fourteen international awards. Chingiz Abdullayev’s books have been translated into twenty-nine languages. Total circulation is more than twenty seven million copies. Two TV series and seven films were made based on the writer’s scenarios and books. A member of the Writers’ Union of USSR and a member of the Writers’ Union of Azerbaijan since 1989. In March 1991, at the IX congress of the Writers’ Union of Azerbaijan he was elected as a secretary of the Board of the Writers’ Union of Azerbaijan, and Chingiz Abdullayev holds the mentioned position to this day. Since July 2005, he is a national writer of Azerbaijan. A member of the Council of Elders of the Azerbaijan Writers Union. Since November 2006 – Professor of the Criminal Law Department of the Azerbaijan International University. In March 2009, he was one of the founders of the International Fund for Cooperation and Partnership of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Since 2015 – President BSCSIF. President of the PEN Club of Azerbaijan. Since March 31, 2015 – a Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the professional football club “Neftchi” (Baku).

Ismail Safi 

Doctor of Political Science. Deputy of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey  2011-2015 – Committee on Foreign Affairs, one of the founders of the AK Party, The AK Party Deputy Secretary for local Party organizations (2001-2003). AK Party Deputy Secretary for international affairs (2003-2007). Secretary of the Party Control Committee of AK Party (2007-2009). In October 2009, at the Congress of the AK Party he was elected as a member of the Central Executive Committee. In January 2010, he was appointed as a Deputy Secretary General of the AK Party, a member of the Internal Council under the President, the President of the International Foundation of the partnership and cooperation of the Black and the Caspian seas through which he performs special assignments of the leadership. He has excellent personal and working relationship with the President R.T. Erdogan, a good working and personal relationship with Prime Minister A. Davutoglu, and almost with all other members of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Presidential Administration. Currently, he consists in the personnel reserve of the President and performs special assignments before the determination of the constitutional status of the President’s Office. After the AK Party Congress from 12-13.09 he has further strengthened his position in the country’s leadership. He participated in the visit of the President of the Turkish Republic as a part to the delegation to Moscow for the opening of the Central Mosque together with the President of the Russian Federation on 09.23.2015.

Ilham Rahimov

General Director of Ltd. “Rissko” In 1970 he entered the law faculty of Leningrad State University (LSU) of A.Zhdanov, from which he graduated in 1975. Doctor of Law Science in 1988. Since 20.07.1996 until 15.11.1999 – a Vice-Rector of the Higher Diplomatic College in Baku. Since 16.11.1999 – Head of the Legal Department of the Oil Company (OC) “Lukoil-Azerbaijan”. Prior to 2001 was a Chairman of the Union of Lawyers of Azerbaijan, member of the Coordinating Council of the International Union of Lawyers from Azerbaijan (organization is the successor of the USSR Union of Lawyers).Vice-chairman of the International Union of Lawyers. At the founding congress of the All-Russian Azerbaijan Congress (AAC) on March 5, 2001 he was elected as a member of the Central Council of the AAC (AAC President is Mamed Aliyev, First Vice-President is Vagit Alekperov) A professor, a member of the Academy of Law Enforcement, Security and Justice of the Russian Federation. Under the editorship of I.M.Rahinov a book “The Criminal Code of the Azerbaijan Republic (translated from Azerbaijani by B.E. Abbasov, SPb., The Association “Law Center Press”, 2001) was published in St. Petersburg.