About Us

International Public Movement “Committee2017» is a supranational, nondenominational communication platform, intellectual and methodological center of formation of civil society, which is not controlled by the UN and the governments of any other countries.
Wars, conflicts, international disasters are the consequences of the action of specific politicians. None of people, none of nation wants to live in a state of war. Financial interests of some politicians and their ambitions are capable to set on each other entire nations and to provoke military actions and terrorist attacks.

In conditions of fierce information war and deepening global economic crisis, everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of our country and our planet, can and must contribute to the common cause of building a justice and good world for all who live on this planet and for those whom we left it.

In terms of protracted chaos of reciprocal sanctions, particularly acute the need in the formation of a single world center, ready to be a stronghold of the revival of spirituality, morality, and culture in general human and political terms occurs.
The main goal of the International Movement “Committee 2017» is to unite all progressive forces and to become such center.

The 2017 Committee was the main organizer of the 31st March 2017 International Forum “Russian world and the Turkic world in the face of geopolitical challenges of the XXI century”, which took place in Volynskoe Congress Park in Moscow.

The forum was attended by public figures, politicians, experts and scientists from Russia and foreign guests from Azerbaijan, Georgia, USA, Ukraine, Turkey and other countries.
Speakers noted that the modern world and, above all, the Eurasian continent, is again the scene of fierce military conflicts. One of the possible consequences this confrontation could become a new division of the world, the redistribution of spheres of “vital interests” of world powers.


Nearest plans of the IPM “Committee 2017”:

– Global project to create a single center for youth leaders of the world GLOBAL EMERGING LEADERS COMMUNITY (GEL)

– Russian-Ukrainian forum (Belarus);

– Russian-American forum (USA);


At the 8-10 November of 2017 under the auspices of the C-2017, the International Civil Society Forum will take place in one of the participating countriesand unit participants from 50-60 states.

The representatives of public organizations and figures of art and culture from around the world, who will sign a memorandum on unity, mutual assistance and cooperation, as well as an appeal to the Heads of State to call for peace and constructive dialogue, will participate in the work of Forum.

“Committee 2017” will cover not less than 90-100 countries till the end of 2018, its structural divisions and affiliated structures will be implemented in the political system of the States participating in the around the world.

The Memorandum in fact would mean a fact build the equivalent of the UN at the level of public diplomacy.