International Public Movement “Committee2017» is a supranational, nondenominational communication platform, intellectual and methodological center of formation of civil society, which is not controlled by the UN and the governments of any other countries.

Nowadays, our world is passing through fundamental shocks. In International Law a practice of Double Standards thereby justifies a violation of the states’ sovereignty and change of the supreme leaders.

The world’s political map, due to the numerous local conflicts and color revolutions, as well is changing. The same for values and behavior models – they are changing hereby. We face with collapse of traditional social institutions and rewriting of the history points.

Wars, conflicts, international disasters are the consequences of the action of specific politicians. None of people, none of nation wants to live in a state of war. Financial interests of some politicians and their ambitions are capable to set on each other entire nations and to provoke military actions and terrorist attacks.

In conditions of fierce information war and deepening global economic crisis, everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of our countries and our planet, can and must contribute to the common cause of building a justice and good world for all who live on this planet and for those whom we left it.

In terms of protracted chaos of reciprocal sanctions, particularly acute the need in the formation of a single world center, ready to be a stronghold of the revival of spirituality, morality, and culture in general human and political terms occurs.

The main goal of the International Movement “Committee 2017» is to unite all progressive forces and to become such center.